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Child-torturer out in three?

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Dear fellow bloggers:

In my previous post I outlined some of the facts in the case of Darcy Don Bannert and his partner in crime. In an important update, blogger and lawyer Bob Tarantino confirms that Bannert will likely be prowling the streets in three years. His spouse, of course, hasn't been jailed at all for her role in the prolonged torture of a four-year-old child.

The Crown Attorney in the case, Shelley Bykewich, seems to be a remarkable person, steadfast, decent and caring. She has appealed the wrist-slap sentence given to Bannert's spouse. She must appeal the second wrist-slap given to Darcy Bannert.

Do we want him out in three? Or do we want a punishment that more nearly fits his hideous crimes? Please join me in sending politely-worded messages to the Crown Prosecutor:

Bykewich, Crown Prosecutor
Crown Prosecutors Justice and Attorney General

6th fl John E Brownlee Building

10365 - 97 Street

Edmonton, AB
T5J 3W7

780 422-1111
780 422-9756

And please spread the word across the blogosphere. This is one issue that should not divide us along political lines. Let our common decency speak.

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