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As I shall be away on family business much of next month and beyond, I have invited four of the best and the brightest progressive bloggers around to contribute to Dawg's Blawg. No one else should feel hurt or excluded--these four just happen to have a number of complimentary talents and skills that will get the job done. And their writing is close to my own preferred style. (I'm hoping they take that as a compliment!)

Please welcome

*roll of drums*

Dave, from The Galloping Beaver. An assiduous researcher, good sense of humour, highly readable and informative;

skdadl, from POGGE. A progressive feminist, with whom I used to cross swords, if she will forgive the military metaphor. More recently, a friend. Thoughtful, factual, passionate;

Chet Scoville, from The Vanity Press. What can I say? He's an academic, as am I in a lesser sort of way. He loves words. He's a fine stylist. And his IQ is apparently 154. I'd be afraid not to invite this guy;

and, last but certainly not least, Cathie From Canada. I like her writing and her content, and the fact that I can read the type on her blog without glasses, which indicates kindness. She's always a solid read, and I appreciate her nod to my old fave Dylan Thomas.

What a great team! I can almost hear the synergy crackling.
They have complete editorial freedom here, so if you have a problem, take it up with them. They'll be officially arriving mid-February, but are welcome to post in the meantime. In any case, be prepared for one heck of a ride in just a short while. And commenters, be nice to the guests.

Now: a round of applause, please.

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