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Small Dead Animals--a class act

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Seems the conservative intelligentsia over at Canada's Best Blog™ has a disagreement with a recent article by Toronto Star
columnist Antonia Zerbisias. Take note, people: this is how they conduct a debate over there. There's a kind of, er, formality to it.

First, the name-calling and personal remarks, a favoured debating technique:

She is one of the dumbest bimbos in the world. Hands down....Liberal whack-job...mindless babling [sic]!!...demented lefty medusoid...airheaded jibbering...deluded frump...demented...leftist, statist, old-hippie idiot...dumb bint...asshat...entitled, feminist, out-of-touch-with-the-ground-
of-womanliness idiot...
dishrag...bag of cellulite...paranoid idiot...inferior life-form...[s]ub-human...

Then the red-baiting. Who says the sixties are dead?

Toronto Red Star. All Red, All The Time...socialist wanker...

And we mustn't omit the obligatory racism. Gotta keep the "breed like rabbits meme" alive now that their guru Mark Steyn has resuscitated it:

go down to the Jane&Finch area and see all the babymamas...Being a baby mama is a status boost for them...It would be a good idea for people who don't pray five times a day to start having more kids.

A Quebecker attempts to debate the actual issues, silly rabbit:

people... life is just a chemical reaction that got out of control due to chaos theory + darwin's evolution..

And this is the response from a SDA regular:

separate frog, go take a flying f*ck you soul-less piece of smelly frog sh*t.

One of the few people actually trying to debate over there in a relatively reasonable tone of voice is SUZANNE. What does that tell you?

If I might rise to their level for one exalted moment, I 'd swear I was watching a movie.

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