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On the eve of my trip to the Antipodes with the family, I am pleased to see that one of my support dawgs has already begun to stir things up. Others will be arriving any moment. I might even poke my own nose in from time to time if I can get access to the intertubes on my travels.

The photo above is Spirits Bay (Kapowairua), at the northern tip of New Zealand/Aotearoa, where my late partner will be put to rest.

Readers/commenters are welcome as always. I'm told there may be the occasional party here. Do enjoy yourselves--just don't break anything, and leave my wine cellar alone.

High summer, here we come. Back late on International Women's Day. Now, over to you, my fellow canines. Ka kite an, e kur m. In the meantime--sic 'em!

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