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Love your enemies. :)

UPDATE: (March 28)

Kathy's a tad upset, but let's correct the record a little. 1) I don't know how one goes about "parsing" the "ancient etymology" of the word "freedom," but were I to source the word's derivation, it wouldn't take me "hours on end." 2) This was only supposed to cost $5, but it cost me $10, so I think there's an issue of false advertising here. 3) Kathy knows I'm not "anonymous," except to people who can't do ten second's worth of computer searching. 4) I love Clint Eastwood flicks: I hope she enjoys her collection when she gets it.

UPPERDATE: (March 29)

Wow, there's been an amazing response to my new ad format, the Top Spot link display at the right.

And why not? You get a highly visible link from my 3000 uniques/day blog for a whole week, for only $10!

If there's a delay in your order appearing, it won't be a long one. I have to approve the link requests before they appear.

Looks like I'll have to spend my $10 next week on this. Whatever happened to the old adage, "Money has no politics?" Sheesh.

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