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Warman v. Lemire: the Right gets twitchy

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A certain amount of backpedaling and nervousness has been cropping up in the hitherto rock-solid righteous ranks of the anti-HRC crowd, as BigCityLib has noted.

Mark Steyn, who began by fawning all over Marc Lemire's mouthpiece, Barbara "crowds of hostile Jews" Kulaszka, added a huge postscript to his original words of praise, distancing himself, or trying to, from Kulaszka's "unsavoury associations" (although not from her own writings). Now, in a further backpedaling exercise, he writes, "
I don't spend my time hanging out on white-supremacist websites, and I get a little queasy at some of the e-mail correspondence I wake up to in the morning."

Well, I for one don't blame Steyn, who appears to be getting a bit rattled--he must know, for example, that contrary to what he claims, the "Levant prosecution" had nothing to do with the hated Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (different jurisdiction). Let's have a looky-see at the fellow the Right has been busting a gut for (remember, the anti-Nazi Richard Warman is the enemy here, folks)--a former leader of the Heritage Front.

Lemire, seen in the photo above* (and **) with his erstwhile employer Ernst Zündel, has made a practice of denying he is anything but a freedom-loving citizen:

Is Marc Lemire a “white supremacist” / “Neo-Nazi”? Of course the answer is no, but the best response I can ever give is that after being under the microscope of the CHRC (and even the police thanks to Richard Warman) for at least 6 years, they have YET TO FIND A SINGLE WORD I HAVE WRITTEN THAT IS “HATE”. All they can claim is me posting articles from newspapers, House of Commons Hansard and even the human rights act itself as “Prima Facie” evidence that I somehow promote hate.

Lemire, in fact, has been doing the old "Nazi-schmazi" routine from the beginning. Here's some of his stuff from the bad old Usenet days, h/t Nizkor:

NOW OVER 50 MEGS OF REVISIONIST PICTURES AND TEXT FILES!!! including picture files of ERNST ZUNDEL'S house which was lit on fire by the Jewish Armed Resistance

I hold the Jewish press in Canada partly to blame because they have truned [sic] Mr. Zundel into the devil. They have defamed his character forquite along [sic] time. Which after time brings these type of actions.

Lest your mind automatically reject the words of Hitler out of some political reflexive habit, remember that he witnessed the decline and fall of another multi-cultural state, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so
he knows what he's taking [sic] about...

Wade through this stuff if you must. As he publishes cartloads of the vilest stuff imaginable, he insists all the way through that he's no Nazi, no white supremacist, no Holocaust-denier. A classic case, it seems to me, of having his cake and eating it too.

None other than Connie Fournier of Free Dominion saw him for what he really was some time ago and even banned him from her site--but has no compunctions about working with him.

Lie down with dogs, they say, and get up with fleas. And there's sure a lot of scratching going on about now.

*UPDATE: (March 30) The authenticity of this photo is now disputed. The source is the well-respected Nizkor site. The photo has been displayed at that site since at least 1999 with no complaint from the former Heritage Front chief.

**UPDATE: (March 31) As noted here, Nizkor cannot vouch for the authenticity of the photograph. Obviously, in that case, neither can I. I withdraw, therefore, the assertion that Marc Lemire is pictured in the photograph above.

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