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The other shoe drops...

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...and some of our favourite people are being sued for defamation by human rights lawyer and activist Richard Warman.

I have no use for SLAPP suits, and I'm pleased to see that Quebec is poised to pass legislation against them. But is this a SLAPP suit?

One of the sue-ees (I love the sound of that word, even if it doesn't exist) calls this an "attempt to silence conservative opinion." But the Statement of Claim doesn't refer to mere "opinion"--it refers to public statements that allege wrongdoing by Warman, but have not been backed up by proof. By the same token, it's almost commonplace in certain quarters of the blogosphere to accuse the Canadian Human Rights Commission of theft of communications. Has this been proven?

Should freedom of speech extend to accusing individuals and organizations of unethical, even criminal, conduct, without evidence?

Make yourselves comfortable. This could be quite a show.

Now, back to those damned assignments.

UPDATE: (April 9) Damian Penny has asked his colleagues in the legal profession for some expert commentary--check in from time to time. And Red Tory has gone, momentarily I hope, off the rails. I say let's head over to Canadian Cynic's for some popcorn.

Now, if only Dean Steacy would sue Mark Steyn for accusing him of criminal activity in the pages of Maclean's...

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