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Big fat liars

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No, not these unfortunate women. The people coming up with this kind of scurrilous nonsense.

It's pointless directing the liars to the science behind the correlation of obesity and poverty. That science has been around, in fact, for a while now. And they darned well know it. Nutritious food costs money--more money than the poor happen to have. The result? The consumption of empty calories. Poor health. Morbid obesity.

If you have the time, plough through this paper. Even missing breakfast--something a lot of poor kids do--is positively correlated with obesity. The result is a vicious spiral. Obesity discourages physical activity, which maintains obesity. Well before the time poor young people become poor adults, the pattern is set. Their health is affected. Their opportunities in life are restricted.

But the usual suspects think those women in the picture are a joke. "
This family should hope the cost of food goes up some more." And this gem, referenced above, entitled "Times have changed and now the poor get fat":

Be honest. You don't pity these "poor people" and their ilk, any more than I do. You pretend to, because other idiots told you that you were supposed to. But you don't. You feel what I do: contempt and disgust.

Besides sloth and gluttony, I wonder how many other capital sins such "poor people" commit over the course of a 24 hour period. If they're illegal aliens, and their last names at least raise that possibility, then they're theives [sic], too.

And no one will ever convince me that these are the "poor" Jesus was talking to, and about. They look and sound more like the rich of His time: fat, lazy and irresponsible.

Nope, times haven't changed, actually. The poor get fat. Better-off people tend to be sleek and well cared for; they can afford the healthy food that keeps the pounds off.

I trust this bit did not escape the reader: "
If they're illegal aliens, and their last names at least raise that possibility...". Their last names are Hispanic. We all know that there are no American citizens with Hispanic names. Right? Nothing like a little racism for spice.

These wingnuts are for all the world like stupid little kids in a schoolyard, aren't they? "Nyah, nyah, you're a fat spic!" They just never appear to miss an opportunity to ridicule others; they only seem to be happy, in fact, when there are unfortunates to be mocked.

And please, folks, mock if you must, but don't tell me what I feel when I see a picture of a mother and daughter like the one above. Don't project your almost sociopathic lack of empathy onto others. We on the Left aren't like you. We could never be like you. We're better than you are. Your politics aren't politics at all; they're just one fat character flaw.

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