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New World Order: resistance is not futile

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Well, who would have guessed that the National Post would take position against the incremental establishment of the New World Order?

This editorial board traditionally has argued that, in the post-9/11 age, law-enforcement and security services should enjoy broad powers to investigate and apprehend terrorists. But even we are appalled by a British proposal, revealed over the weekend, to monitor the telephone, cellphone, text message, e-mail and Web surfing activity of every citizen in the U. K. in the name of homeland security.

The damage such a scheme would do to the personal privacy and liberty of law-abiding Britons far outweighs the benefits that might -- theoretically -- accrue to those charged with safeguarding the country. What the British internal spy agency, MI5, and others are proposing is nothing short of a surveillance society, in which nearly all electronic activity by every person is monitored 24/7/365. All the communications activity of every citizen would be recorded in giant government computers ...

And, should you need to top off your daily dose of fear and paranoia, go watch this interview with Naomi Wolf.

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