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Time to salute some honest journalists:

Goody, two shoes:
Roger Cohen has some insights on a recent bit of journalistic licence.

Striking sanity in Ottawa: OC Tranpo drivers and their families face a bleak Christmas. Hugh Adami takes on the vicious mob mentality whipped up by CFRA hatemongers Lowell Green and Steve Madely. In other news, an anti-strike rally at City Hall produced all of three people. Even the organizer, conservative madcap Emrys Graefe, failed to appear. Miss the bus, Emrys?

"I say you are no Parliament. I will put an end to your sitting.": Paul Wells tell it like it is about our Maximum Leader.

Small but vital: She hasn't thrown a shoe at me yet for calling her "sprightly," but maybe she should. Kady O'Malley is always on the inside track. A must-read, and of course the target of the usual vile insults from the knuckle-dragging Right.

Just a few names that occur to me whenever the Senator-wannabe and the rest of the crowd at Fox North make me despair for the future of Canadian journalism. Readers are invited to supply more, with examples.

UPDATE: Those of us who have had a public life know what it's like to trap oneself in recognition/thanks lists at the mic--you'll inevitably leave people out. Reader Brian Mc reminds me that I have done just that with Dan Gardner, who combines readability with solid research as he smashes icons and idées fixes with gimlet-eyed focus. Sorry, but better late than never, Dan.

And--yikes!--while I'm at it, let's not forget my friend Antonia Zerbisias, a fine journalist and blogger who maddens the Usual Suspects with good sense and needle-sharp wit. Besides, anyone who can drive Kathy Shaidle simply mad with envy is right up there, in my book.

And Heather Mallick! A martyr to the cause of deft writing and skewering, publicly flogged by a snivelling CBC exec as propitiation to the Harper-god, but still up and running. Thank goodness.

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