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Oh, the sweet balm...

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...of conservative bitterness, bile, foot-stamping frustration, chest-beating anger, tantrums and melt-downs.

Honey in my mouth, music to my ears.

From the conservopundits, a collective wail of delicious anguish. And boy, are they mad at Harper. So are the Tory rank and file. There's a search on as I write for a suitable bus to throw him under. He was Da Man, the toast of the Winnipeg Conservative convention. Toast. Yes, quite.

Canada's new experiment in majority rule is a go. Get used to it. But if not, do keep hissing, spitting and sputtering. Sounds like a cheery Yule log to me.

UPDATE: Commenter Brian Mc refers me to today's Ottawa Sun. "NO! NO! NO!" Reminds me for some reason of a scene from Analyze This:

--You don't hear the word 'no' very often, do you?"
--I hear it all the time. Only it's 'no, please,
no, no!'"

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