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I love contests, and it's time to have one. The winner will, no doubt, expect some suitable emolument, but I'm not willing to give you anything except appreciation.

Readers are invited to suggest names for a competition in which Ezra Levant wins first place, with Kathy Shaidle as runner-up. "Best Canadian Blog" has apparently been taken.

Keep it clean, but let your imaginations roam.

PS: Contest closes midnight Thurday (January 15). Wittiness and succinctness will pay dividends, metaphorically speaking, with our distinguished panel of judge.

AND THE WINNAHS! There were many clever entries. One acronymic one had immediate appeal, but suggested an act that one sex is incapable of performing, and was hence disqualified. Others were rather too intense. As in a chili cook-off, smoothness and a balance of flavours were judged, as well as heat.

First place: So you think you can hate (Dr.Frink)
Second place: Anything s/he can do, I can do bitter
(Dr. Frink)
Third Place: Best Canadian Flog
(Forgot to buy tinfoil)

To other entrants: please, don't be discouraged. There will be other contests. Complaints, if there are any, should be directed to my co-blogger, who had nothing to do with any of this and is therefore strictly neutral.

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