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A little diversion before I vanish into the budget lock-up today.

Shriek!!!! It's a joke, isn't it?? Has to be!! No, I don't think so!!! Scary!!! The Democrats have become a cult!!!!

Obama's Little Blue Book.

Paul, at
Celestial Junk:

[T]hese people are for real, they are dead serious.

Here's a sample from inside the Little Blue Book.

"In order to master the President's ideology, it is essential to study many of the basic concepts over and over again, and it is best to memorize important statements and apply them repeatedly. Learn earnestly and diligently."

From Lin Piao's foreword to the Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (this was before Lin became a bandit and counter-revolutionary):

In studying the works of Chairman Mao one should have specific problems in mind, study and apply his works in a creative way, combine study with application, first study what must be urgently applied so as to get quick results, and strive hard to apply what one is studying. In order really to master Mao Tse-Tung's thought, it is essential to study many of Chairman Mao's basic concepts over and over again, and it is best to memorize important statements and study and apply them repeatedly....It is our hope that all comrades will learn earnestly and diligently, bring about a new nation-wide high tide in the creative study and application of Chairman Mao's works, and, under the great red banner of Mao Tse-Tung's thought, strive to build our country into a great socialist state with modern agriculture, modern industry, modern science and culture and modern national defence!

Next up: Jack Layton's Little Orange Book. Elizabeth May's Little Green Book. Michael Ignatieff's Very Long Book.

Last word to Mao: "A frog in a well says, 'The sky is no bigger than the mouth of the well.'"

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