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Nightmare on Bialik Street

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I'm on a tour bus. In Israel. My travelling companions? Kathy Shaidle. Kate McMillan. Terry Glavin. And the fellow talking our ears off? Jason Cherniak.

I wake up screaming. Only to discover that I haven't been sleeping.*

*A very pleasant woman from the Canada-Israel Committee was recently in touch with me to offer an all-expense-paid week in Israel in late March. It was to be a bloggers' trip, with the opportunity to meet Israeli political bloggers. I would have jumped at it, even though the West Bank wasn't included (it's considered too dangerous). Alas, this came smack in the middle of my lamentably-delayed studies, and I had to beg off.

Subsequently a little bird in the blogosphere let me know who else had been invited. And now I believe in a God, if only a God of circumstances.

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