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Hawks in a tailspin

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Further to my recent post about Harper on Afghanistan, consternation has broken out within the hawk-flawk. The sense of betrayal by our Prime Minister is palpable, and they're lashing out. I am denounced as a "defeatist" here, and the subject of schoolyard taunts here. (As one commenter at the latter site suggests, the primary issue for the hawks, it seems, is manly turgor. It's not defeat, it's the tumidity.)

In another comment there, "leftist" Terry Glavin, keyboard in hand, just about sums up the only mode of argument left to the war-hungry at the moment:

You realize of course that from here on in the same flaccids you excoriate will now call you a liar as they lie about you, call you a coward as they hide behind their ridiculous pseudonyms, and traduce you as a neocon, a Zionist, a warmonger and an idiot?

Well, er, no. I for one don't even know the guy. And I've never used the word "Zionist" as a pejorative. And non-neocons for one reason or another have supported our doomed incursion into Afghan affairs. And I have no evidence the blogger is an idiot. And...

Oh, heck, why bother. Folks like Glavin, in their barely-read echo-chamber blogs and in drive-by comments elsewhere, exult in building bigger and better strawmen. Armies of them, in fact. Which at least, unlike the real thing, don't bleed and die.

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