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And now for some light comic relief.

For two or three days, I discovered that I couldn't post over at Jay Currie's place. Comments of mine have occasionally gone astray there, not even appearing as "awaiting moderation," but those were sporadic glitches that seem to be characteristic of WordPress. Jay has always been agreeable to posting them manually when this happens, and has done the same for John Cross, an erudite commenter on the subject of global warming.

This time, though, it was different. My attempted posts, including one that had actually landed in the "awaiting moderation" bin, just--vanished. This all began shortly after I delivered a slap to Kathy Shaidle on a thread about pin-ups, of all things, when she decided to go the personal route with me.

Well, well. It seems that Jay had been busy during the period in question, and he'd handed over the keys of his abode to none other than Arnie Lemaire, better known (we're speaking relatively here) as "Blazing Cat Fur"--and Shaidle's spouse.

Jay asks me to accept that Arnie, new to Wordpress, "accidentally" directed my comments to the spam lock-up. If he really believes that, I have a bridge and some prime cottage land to sell him. A comment from another progressive gadfly over there, "truewest," somehow met the same fate.*

To his considerable credit, Jay bravely dug my comments out of the dumpster, clawing his way through the various ads for enlargers, reducers, enhancers and real fake watches, but has not yet been able to locate "truewest"'s contribution.

In other news, Teh Burning Kitteh is busy defending free speech against the "cowardly" CHRC chief commissioner Jennifer Lynch. Oh, well, a foolish consistency, as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, is the hobgoblin of little minds.

*And, we learn, two from Balbulican as well.

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