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Another chickenhawk heard from

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This time it's the vulgar semi-journalist Earl McRae, horking about the "treasonous imbecility" of those of us in the Ottawa area opposed to the use of city property for death bazaars.

Hah, big brave McRae's right in there fighting with the troops:

My first father fought in World War II and died. My uncle fought in World War II and died. My second father fought in World War II, my grandfather fought in World War I. They fought with what all Canadian soldiers fought with: Military weapons that -- thank God -- somebody manufactured.

Oh, wait a minute--that was members of his family. McRae himself expresses his bravery in a somewhat different manner. He calls people names in a column.

By that measure, he's a gutsy fellow, all right. Here he is in 2006:

I thought of you, Jack Layton. I thought of you and all your other left-wing lollipops who want to bring our brave and committed soldiers home from Afghanistan because you can't stomach that some of them are getting killed -- I thought of you because with your self-righteous intellectual arrogance and colossal stupidity, you just don't get it, and never will.

Earl McRae, hero, but somehow manqué. I've met his type before. Happy to pack our young men and women off to be killed in a war we cannot win--but likely to wet his manly drawers if someone looked at him sideways in a bar. Buck-buck-bacaw.

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