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The fairies and goblins file: Abousfian Abdelrazik

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One cannot prove that fairies and goblins do not exist any more than Mr. Abdelrazik or any other person can prove that they are not an Al-Qaida associate. --Justice Russel Zinn

A hat-tip to Alison for suggesting this series.

Let's start it off with Abousfian Abdelrazik himself, the subject of Justice Zinn's comment above.

Today Abdelrazik, with a new plane ticket in hand, was again unable to begin his journey home, as the Harper government continues its vicious little game of cat and mouse:

A spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said the government is still reviewing the decision and would not divulge whether it planned to file an appeal.

"We will not comment further until we have reviewed the decision," press secretary Natalie Sarafian wrote in an email.

As noted in an earlier post, exiling brown Canadians is just something the Harper regime likes to do. It could at least spare us the noisy lip-smacking, though.


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