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More American madness

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The paranoia of the US has reached the straitjacket and rubber room stage.

Adil Charkaoui, on a national speaking tour, boarded an Air Canada plane to fly from Fredericton to Montreal. The route passed briefly over US airspace: the US refused the plane passage, and it had to return to Fredericton. Charkaoui was summarily booted off by Air Canada officials.

My questions--which can be extended to the Abdelrazik case as well, and many others--are these. Is airport security so poor that, even in the case of a red-flagged individual, weapons, explosives, etc., cannot be detected on their persons? If so, why are we wasting billions on airport security in the first place? Or is there something in the cellular structure of brown-skinned Muslims that poses a clear and present danger to the good citizens of the US should said Muslims pass overhead?
Do such people spontaneously combust or explode?

Madness. And we're a part of it.

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