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...the mouth-breathing Right has to make stuff up:

"Mutton Headed Conspiracy Theorist"

Speaking of whacky, three cheers for Terry Glavin for putting Saskatchewan's own Dr. Dawg Mengele in his place. And no, I will not link to mutton head's blog, but you can follow Glavin's link.

Great piece at The Torch, too.

"Mengele" was an especially nice touch.

  • I didn't write the piece in question;

  • My co-blogger, who did, had her tongue securely in her cheek;

  • The post preceded the attacks in Kandahar to which Terry was referring;

  • I don't live in Saskatchewan.
But do keep playing. As for Glavin, I'll make allowances for his agitated state of mind as the Afghanisnam quagmire deepens. I must say I liked him better in the old days.

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