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Why debate on the Middle East is pointless

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Ms. Klein and her armchair storm troopers are clamouring for nothing short of the annihilation of the Jewish state. They are effectively Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's local fifth column.*

No doubt this short post of mine will get the usual reaction from some commenters--"you're obsessed with Israel," etc., and the veiled accusations of anti-Semitism that invariably accompany it.

But the point is worth making: if it's nearly impossible to have a decent conversation about the Middle East right here in Canada, how much more so it must be to have that conversation where it counts--in the Middle East, where the blood is actually flowing.

Thanks a bunch, Robert Lantos, for your helpful contribution, and to the Globe and Mail editor who made the decision to publish it.

* Some will claim that I took the quote above out of context--that it is prefaced by "If [Tel Aviv] is disputed territory, then...". But that's simply an adroit use of a strawman to introduce the Nazi reference. Klein and the others have never called for the "return" of Tel Aviv to present-day Palestinians. Rather, they ask us to remember history, much as Canadians are urged these days to remember from whom we Europeans obtained our land, and how.

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