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Senate report on RCMP to be released

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There's life in the old bones yet.

Harper's prorogation of Parliament effectively dissolves all existing committees, but a Senate committee examining the troubled operations of the RCMP will not have laboured in vain. Outgoing chair Colin Kenny, a Liberal, will be going ahead and releasing the committee report anyway.

Needless to say, this has Conservative senators in a flap.
The report, already in draft, apparently has too critical a "tenor and tone" for their liking. And here's newly-minted Senator Pamela Wallin, formerly a member, like her colleague Mike Duffy, of the allegedly liberal corporate media:

Conservative Senator Pamela Wallin said the Liberals have no right to do this and accused Kenny of using his position as a "bully pulpit" to spread his "own bias."

My goodness. Where did he get that from? :)

[H/t Marie ve]

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