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OK, time out again

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I posted this back in 2008
, and the time, alas, has come to repeat the message. The level of civility at my place has begun to drop, personal insults are becoming more frequent, and, worst of all, I think the quality of my own comments is being dragged down thereby.

There is a very good range of commentary here these days. Commenters from across the spectrum have shown up to offer their insights and views, and I have been bested more than once in spirited debate on the issues--which I welcome.

But I'm going to pull a François Houle--which I prefer to call "being Canadian"--and ask for civil discourse here. Think of this place as a living-room. Enjoy the finger-food and the wine, and be as biting and caustic as you like. I don't even insist on indoor voices. But henceforward, two simple rules:
  • Language in the combox. I have no difficulty, as regulars know, with heated debate on all sides of a question. This place is not an echo-chamber. But I would appreciate it if you all could refrain from cussin'. From now on this will be strictly enforced.
  • Trolls. Trolls were never welcome here, but I developed a certain tolerance for them. That tolerance is once again exhausted. The tipping-point has been reached. Trolls--and everyone knows what a troll is--will simply be banned without ceremony. If they want to be rude and self-indulgent, they can go to Usenet and fill their boots.
I'm not going to post this stuff in a sidebar. It should be common sense for any reasonably civilized human being. So for now, Verb. sap. and all that. Help me out here, friends and sparring-partners alike. This is a family blog, for general release, and I mean to keep it that way.

Call me prissy, or call me a fascist, but that's the way it's gonna be. My house, my rules.

Yours in civility,

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