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"Uppity" Black woman targeted by bloggers

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Is a "high-tech lynching" in progress?

The identity and occupation of a student demonstrator outside the ill-fated A*n C*oulter event at the University of Ottawa are now public property. Ellen Ocran has become the newest chew-toy of the rabid Right.

And this sort of thing is all-too-typical:

The uppity bitch was so incredibly annoying, rude, and waved her hands in anyones face who disagreed with her. I’m glad my mother raised me properly because if not, I would have bitch-slapped her myself!

I hope she gets what is coming to her. The idea that my tax money goes to pay her salary is appalling. [emphases added]

Note also the subtle slavery meme, widespread among the mob: if this person works for an NDP MP, then her time is owned by the taxpayer 24/7. Unless Ocran was supposed to be in the office earning her salary at the time of the protest, however--unlikely, because it was deep in the evening--she wasn't being paid by anyone.

But the bottom line is: she should be punished. For expressing an opinion, non-violently, on her own time.

Don't be distracted by the continuing Speechy propaganda that C*ulter was shut down by (as she herself ludicrously put it) "thousands of rioting liberals" As I noted then, and there has been no refutation since:

For all the talk of students "shutting down" C*ulter's talk, there was not one mention of physical violence against anyone. There was not one reported arrest, although two dozen tactical squadders from the Ottawa Police were on hand. No weapons of any description were in evidence--just voices, sometimes angry, uncivil ones to be sure, but so what?

(Here, for anyone still interested, is a sober account of the cancellation.)

Anyone else find it funny--or perhaps "disgusting" is a better word--how the Speech Warriors™ seem so prone to obsessively tracking down and trashing opponents exercising their own freedom of speech? Particularly "uppity" ones who apparently ought to know their place?

Having initially targeted the wrong person, (and therefore having had to deep-six inflammatory posts and apologize), the mob is now on the move. And all that seems to be missing is the white sheets.

[H/t BCL]

UPDATE: (April 3) Interesting discussion at Free Dominion, of all places.

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