Trouble! (Oh, We Got Trouble...)

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There is a very real possibility that Karla Homolka, one of Canada's most notorious serial killers, may be hired to play Santa Claus between November 15th and December 24th at the Bayshore Shopping Centre in Ottawa this year.

Now, murderess Homolka herself has not explicitly confirmed her intention of applying for the job of Bayshore Santa. Nor has the Bayshore Shopping Centre indicated in any concrete way that they intend hire her, should she submit an application for the position.

But can Canadians afford to wait? Are we willing to leave the ball in her court?

Let's just assume she DID apply. Constrained by the bleeding-heart left-lib ethos infecting our declining culture, the cowardly Bayshore Hiring Authorities might very well hire her to play one of the most cherished icons of our civilization. And bingo: your son, daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew, AS EARLY AS NEXT NOVEMBER, could be delivering their innocent, dewy-eyed requests for PS2s and Itablets to a demon in human form who, had she been given the option, would without doubt have been born black AND Muslim.

If you feel you can afford to take that chance - if you loathe your children, your culture and our civilization THAT much - well, heck, that's your privilege. But me - I'm going to call my MP (Pierre Polievre) and insist on the immediate introduction of legislation to prevent this she-devil from defiling that which represents all that is good, true, and decent about our civilization.

I know I can count on your support.

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