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Ottawa Oblates threaten community

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I'm referring to Ottawa East, where I live.

A stone's throw from my house
(although I have not physically tested this as yet) is a residence for the Oblates, a Catholic order. Behind them to the south is another residence (photograph), and a park, which they own: adjacent to them is St. Paul's University, which they run.

Besides offering a sometime haven for accused and convicted priestly pedophiles, the Oblates have of late shown nothing but contempt for the community in which they live. They are selling the property, but have steadfastly refused to meet with the Ottawa East Community Association to discuss our Community Development Plan (CDP), which City Council was to have voted on before the summer recess.

Rumours abound: one is that a subdivision called "One Thousand Doors" will replace the greenspace. Adding fuel to this rumour is the sudden announcement by the Oblates to the City of Ottawa that they are opposed to the CDP. They have refused as yet to provide details of their last-minute objections.

Now, after some delay because of wet conditions, these kindly folks have posted signs banning off-leash dogs on their land--following the eleventh annual "Fido Fundraiser," in which grateful dog-owners had ponied up once again for St. Paul's University in return for the privilege. Needless to say, the Oblates have refused to meet with the community association to mediate a solution, after delivering the news to association representatives on June 29.

As an indication of their arrogance, here is what the Oblates had to say on the matter:

Jacques L'Heureux, the administrator for the Oblate residence that owns the property, said, "If people want to talk then they can talk, but this is private property even if many of them think that they own the place."

Leblanc said residents were not informed of the decision because it was not negotiable.

Ah, Christian love. There goes the neighbourhood.

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