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Rights & Democracy: the BS hits the fan--at last [updated]

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The denouement of the Rights & Democracy farce appears to be at hand. The famous and expensive Deloitte and Touche forensic audit commissioned by the jokers currently running the place has finally been released to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee. (It was supposed to be released to the public last Spring.)

The audit was intended to reveal nefarious goings-on under R&D’s late president Rémy Beauregard. But it shows nothing of the kind.

This will surprise no one except commentators like the credulous Terry Glavin, who swallowed the whole “mismanagement and scandal” line pushed by the current administration, and dropped broad hints a few months ago that criticism of the Clown Car brigade presently in charge was motivated by anti-Semitism.

Here’s what MPs who have seen the report are saying:

“My read of it, my judgment of that read of the audit — which I can’t make public — but I can certainly say … there’s nothing there,” said [Committee member Paul] Dewar.

“In fact, they went on a witch hunt. They found nothing. They spent over $120,000 for this audit and they came up with nothing.”

Bob Rae, a Liberal on the committee, wouldn’t discuss the audit contents other than to say: “I found it to be unremarkable, let’s put it that way.”

But there’s a further wrinkle in all this. Remember the SIRCO investigation—when private dicks were unleashed on the R&D staff to dig up dirt and prove malfeasance and what-not?

According to Maclean’s magazine’s Paul Wells, who has been paying close attention to this slow-mo trainwreck for many months, the report has—well, vanished! Poof!

“Not yet available,” we are told, despite the fact that the agency president, Gerard Latulippe, was ordered to produce it by this past Monday.

I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that if and when it does surface, it won’t show anything wrong either.

Hear the sound of fingernails scraping down a sheer rockface? Me too.

UPDATE: (December 16) The full text of the audit, h/t reader ftbt, via the Globe & Mail.

UPPERDATE: The National Post’s take on all this is well worth reading. Does this mean we’ll be spared any more of this kind of nonsense?

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