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Beck and Palin: breeding psychotics*

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So whether a person like the liberal church shooter read Beck (he did) and was a fan of Palin (he was), or the Tides shooter listened to Beck (he did), the Holocaust Museum shooter who was a huge Palin fan, birther, Pat Buchanan reader who parroted Palin’s 2008 campaign lines about “media deception” (he did) or the Pittsburgh cop killer had just uploaded a Beck video (he had), or perhaps just heard Beck in their living room every night in the background or perhaps their father was a Beck fan and railed about Beck’s paranoid beliefs over the dinner table or perhaps he overheard others repeating Beck’s distortions of reality over the water cooler at work - he need not have a direct connection to Beck in order to be influenced by Beck’s deliberate breeding of psychosis as defined by a break with reality.

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[H/t Marie Ève, b/c]

* Reader fergusrush notes that the article does not point the finger at Beck and Palin for making people psychotic, only for exploiting their psychoses. My title was, therefore, misleading: mea culpa.

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