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Hate loves hate

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Let the backscratching continue, hopefully with very sharp nails:

Dave in Boca”:

The so-called ‘religion of peace’ is nothing but a construct of hysterical fanatics and should be eliminated from the face of the earth, by nukes if possible.

The US should get out of Afghanistan and then nuke the shit out of Iran and Pakistan, with India’s help. Let the PRC & Russia do what they will, the Pakis are poison in the human gene pool.

Racialist Steve Sailer, frequently trotted out as an authority on “race” by our own Kathy Shaidle:

Dave in Boca’s blog looks promising.

In fairness, Dave seems to have pulled his post—in vino veritas?—but we all know what lies just beneath their respective writings, and more than occasionally breaks the surface with a foul-smelling bubble.

Meanwhile, more on the Menace of Muslim Immigration at Jay Currie’s place.

I would extend the [immigration] moratorium to include predominantly Muslim nations which have not, as yet, declared themselves Islamic Republics.

He’s talking about my son-in-law. That makes it personal.

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