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Montebello, 2007--a reprise

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Quebec police were “ordered” to stop the protest at Montebello in 2007. A Quebec Court judge has found that police attempts to do so were manifestly illegal:

“It has clearly come out that the police officers were following orders, and that these orders violated [Charter] rights and freedoms,” said Judge RĂ©al Lapointe, acquitting a demonstrator, Leila Martin, who asserted her rights at the time and was arrested for obstruction.

Glad to see my old friend Bill Clennett involved in the proceedings. “The street is a recognized place for asserting your rights,” he said. He had been assisting Martin throughout the legal proceedings.

As for those orders, CEP President Dave Coles (who unmasked two police agents provocateurs at the time) asks, “Whose orders?”

Good question, still unanswered.

H/t Larry Hubich.

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