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Blam! I agree with Ezra Levant! Pow! I agree with Stephen Harper!

What’s happening to the good ol’ ideological divide, that chasm that separates decent, progressive folks from the ravening hordes of half-things spitting and hissing across the gap?

Levant’s complaint, about the behaviour of CATSA guards at Ottawa Airport, was entirely justified, if admittedly not newsworthy. There’s also a curious contradiction in his “playing down” the event while apparently letting the press know about it in the first place.

(The Ottawa Citizen, meanwhile, which broke the story and gave it prominent placement, is apparently sending not-so-veiled threats to people who debate the newsworthiness of the item. “That’s a nice private life you have there, Warren. Be a shame if anything happened to it.”)

Never mind. These airport hassles happen all the time, and they deserve the media spotlight—their lack of newsworthiness, paradoxically, is what makes them newsworthy. I’ve blogged before about personal experiences with undertrained, aggressive, unaccountable security folks at Canadian airports. I’ve been felt up, ordered about, and generally harassed—although I should note, in fairness, that other security officials have been polite and even cheerful.

I don’t know whether they relieved Ezra of his lip-balm or not, but he should know that, as a waxy solid, it is neither a gel, liquid or spray, and is perfectly legal. Yup, been through that nonsense as well—and received an official apology for it.

Security theatre, with audience participation. Make us feel safer? Probably—once we get through that phalanx of busy fingers, anyway. Actually make us safer? Jury’s out, in my opinion.

On to my moment of agreement with our Dear Leader. Harper met a few days ago with David Chen, owner of the Lucky Moose, and frequent victim of petty theft. Holding on to a shoplifter, as readers may recall, led to his arrest—and the shoplifter in question was given a shorter sentence after agreeing to testify against his victim.

Chen was acquitted, but the law that allowed his persecution obviously needed a tweak or two. Harper is pledging just such a change. The devil is always in the details, of course, but progressive concern over this seems unwarranted at this stage. Aren’t we supposed to be on the side of the little guy?

Better go back to sleep before I end up defending the F-35 purchase, capital punishment and more prisons. Was it the KFC I had last night?

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