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Sympathy for the Devil

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It is likely that local neo-Nazis targeted a march in Spokane, WA, celebrating Martin Luther King Day by planting a bomb that could have killed hundreds—but the right-wing media and bloggerati have remained oddly reserved about it.

What’s the matter—perps not swarthy enough for ya? No Muslim angle?

Whatever the reason, the American media have shown curious restraint. And the folks who leapt to assure us that the Left is the same, or worse, than the right-wing eliminationists, have retreated into a bashful silence.

Small wonder. An indefatigable tracker of far-right eliminationism, David Neiwert, provides us with a list of victims of right-wing terror over just the past two and a half years. There is nothing remotely approaching this level of violence on the Left, despite the easy-sleazy assertions of moral equivalence from the ethically compromised.

The perpetrators of this violence are neither Muslims nor adolescent basement fantasy-dwellers. They’re white, and they’re seasoned right-wing activists. Deal with it.

Growing bolder, conservatives are now openly allying themselves with neo-Nazis to further their Islamophobic agenda, and the latter obligingly suppress their anti-Semitism and racism, at least publicly, providing their more respectable friends with a convenient alibi. But the line allegedly separating the two political tendencies is becoming a little more blurry with every passing day.

What will it take to wake folks up—pipe-bombs at pro-Palestinian rallies here in Canada? Or will that too be defended, explained away or ignored by conservatives flaunting their bigotry and perhaps not-so-long spoons?

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