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…is about to claim another victim.

Cindor Reeves, a man largely responsible for bringing to justice one of the most blood-soaked tyrants in recent history, has had his refugee case rejected by Canada and may soon be deported to his native Liberia, where he runs a high risk of being murdered.

The “blood-soaked tyrant” in question is former Liberian President Charles Taylor, he of the child-soldier army and blood diamonds. Taylor is presently being held at The Hague, on trial for crimes against humanity.

Reeves’ evidence, freely offered without inducement of any kind, has been crucial to the prosecution case.

“I am willing to go on the record and confirm that CR provided invaluable information that led to the indictment of Charles Taylor and others who were ultimately convicted,” Alan White, chief of investigations for the court from 2002 to 2005, said in a 2009 email that was published in Maclean’s. He further explained Reeves’ help in a 2009 affidavit: “I could always rely on the information and support provided by Mr. Reeves. In his effort to bring peace and security to the region he endangered himself and his family, yet he did so willingly without asking anything in return but for protection for his family. The court owes Mr. Reeves a debt of gratitude for his support and service.”

But the political appointees on the IRB, who were only too happy to offer a white South African political asylum on the grounds of “racial persecution”—a ruling so wild that even Jason Kenney was upset enough to call for a judicial review—evidently have a different standard when the man in front of them is darker. We’ve seen this sort of thing before.

Be that as it may, once again, ignorant amateurs given power over others through patronage appointments have made one of their frequent appalling decisions.

Send a note, why don’t you, to Jason Kenney, and to the NDP’s foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar. You might help to save a life.

[H/t reader Holly Stick]

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