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The Jewish Defence League's new playfellows

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Canadian conservative defenders of the English Defence League and the current JDL-EDL axis (they are legion at the Jay Currie Home for the Bewildered, and, of course, in the Singed Minge’s litter-box) may have a tough public row to hoe if this sort of thing keeps up:

The court heard that, on Friday 25 June last year, the trio had attended an EDL march in Bradford and had been on their way home when they travelled from Manchester Victoria to Wigan on a Northern Rail service.

During the journey they became abusive and intimidating, subjecting several passengers to a torrent of racist abuse.

The abuse began when the three sang songs relating to the EDL and Taliban. At Salford Crescent an Asian man boarded the train and was immediately targeted by the group who shouted derogatory remarks about Allah to the man.

PC Tony McGibbon, of British Transport Police, said: “The abuse continued for some time and was directed at anyone on board the train who the three perceived to be anything other than white British.

“The behaviour of the three was offensive in the extreme, completely unacceptable and made everyone on the train feel incredibly uncomfortable.”

The English branch of the JDL won’t touch these yobs with a ten-foot pole. Maybe they should speak to the benighted Meir Weinstein, aka Meir Halevi aka Meir HaLevi Weinstein, currently flirting with the far-right Austrian Freedom Party.


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