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Vigna v. Levant: further Schadenfreude

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Readers will remember the recent $25,000 court judgement against Ezra Levant, who was sued successfully for defamation by Canadian Human Rights Commission officer Giacomo Vigna. A man who apparently has more dollars than sense, Levant is currently appealing that judgement.

Meanwhile, an order for legal costs has just been made:


Sorry for the poor quality of the image. It reads:

Having considered all the above factors, Levant is ordered to pay the sum of $20,000 towards Vigna’s costs incurred with the law firm of Heenan Blaikie, inclusive of HST and disbursements. I further order Levant to pay a further $10,000 plus applicable HST plus disbursements of $2,500 plus HST to Vigna for his costs and disbursements in this matter.


That is all.

UPDATE: Full document here. [H/t the nimble-fingered BCL]

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