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In haste—contract deadline looming—let me offer the following, vaguely in the style of Harper’sFindings” column:

In Italy, corpses may be held to ransom. A talk-show host called Silvio Berlusconi a “boor” (cafone). In return, Berlusconi called his show a “whorehouse” (postribolo). He knows better. The aflockalypse spreads to Faenza. The cast of Jersey Shore is heading to the motherland for their fourth season.

The RCMP is looking for white supremacist Craig Cobb, who is “believed to be in Montana” and has just issued a call for violence against Jews. Anti-Racist Canada tracked him down without difficulty. He lives in Kalispel, and was interviewed by Canadian neo-Nazi free speech advocate Paul Fromm on January 22. Meanwhile the Mounties are investigating a report that a number of counter-terrorism experts are currently training in Waziristan. In Britain, undercover police officers are permitted to sleep with the people they are informing on, although falling in love is considered unprofessional.

Polygamy in Canada is defended by a sister-wife, but keep an eye out for snakes. A man who kept poisonous snakes without a licence was sentenced to five days on a work crew, and most of his snakes were handed over to a reptile rescue organization. Fear of snakes is not genetic. Heathrow Airport’s Animal Reception Centre processed twenty-nine million fish, nearly 11,000 cats and dogs, 1,300 birds, 105,000 day old chicks, 246,000 reptiles, and 230 horses in 2010.

Back to work. Enjoy the links.

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