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Why police brutality goes unpunished

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From the horse’s mouth:

When asked why [RCMP officer Geoff] Mantler wasn’t pulled off active duty after the first complaint, RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Annie Linteau said the first incident was crucially different from the second, in that there was no visual recording available. [emphasis added]

Point made.

Constructing an easily accessible civilian review mechanism where brutalized citizens can get a reasonable airing of their complaints, and guilty cops are punished on the same metric as ordinary citizens, seems somehow beyond us, even in 2011. So why not equip every officer and police vehicle and cellblock (and dark alley) with a mini-cam that records everything, that cannot be removed or switched off, and can be viewed and reviewed by victims and their legal counsel on demand?

Then let the multi-million-dollar lawsuits begin. If our craven politicians of all stripes don’t understand human rights and the rule of law, then a swift kick in the pocketbook might knock some sense into them.

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