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Does the PMO think we’re all idiots?

I suggested last Monday that the fallback position for the Cons would be that Bev Oda didn’t actually know the name of the munchkin who scribbled “NOT” on the document, so that she wasn’t really lying when she said she didn’t know who put it there.

The backroomers should have satisfied themselves with that, weak as it was, and pretended to ignore all of Oda’s lying by implication. Instead, they’ve decided to go for gold, trying to fix the timeline issue as well.

Did she cause the “NOT” to be inserted after she signed the document approving the KAIROS grant, following a short telephone call from the Langevin Block? No, say the Cons. They want us to believe instead that the nameless cog who stamped her signature on the document inserted the “NOT” at the same time, presumably on her orders.

As I said before:

…Oda’s most comedic line to date: [was] that she had had the word “NOT” inserted because “Given the way the document was formatted, allowing only for concurrence, this was the only way to reflect my decision.”

Having spent a few years of my life in an office, I might have suggested that the Minister simply not sign off on the thing, and issue a decision letter of her own. But maybe they do things differently on the Hill.

I didn’t for a moment imagine that the Cons would actually run with this. Incredible!

The other day I wondered idly if we were at war with China. Now, given the furious energy with which the Tories are digging, it seems that China might have every reason to wonder the same about us.

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