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Canada's government supports Mubarak

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Time to juxtapose:

The Harper government has endorsed the go-slow transition plan set out by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s regime, signalling that Mideast stability and peace with Israel are its paramount concerns while other Western nations push for faster change.

Why would that be?

The same day as the [Wednesday night Commons]debate, the Canada-Israel Committee sent an information sheet to MPs with an analysis of how the Egyptian crisis might affect stability in the region. Government relations adviser Richard Marceau said the committee’s office had been busy with calls from MPs wanting more information prior to the debate.

Last week, Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported that Israeli ambassadors had been told to urge countries such as Canada to ease off criticism of Mubarak, and make clear that they were committed to stability in Egypt.

Ah. But luckily for the Egyptian people, the brutalized pro-democracy protesters, and the journalists hounded, beaten and arrested during the first few days of the “transition” that Harper favours, it looks like Mubarak may have other plans.

NOTE: I changed the original title, “Canada supports Mubarak,” because it isn’t true—is it?

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