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Stephen Harper: NOT an honourable man

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The fatal flaw in Stephen Joseph Harper’s character has once again been revealed for all to see. By defending the indefensible he has shown himself to be unworthy of public office.

If Ministers can lie to Parliament without repercussions, another nail has been driven into the ancient doctrine of Parliamentary privilege. Ned Franks knows what he’s talking about.

Harper doesn’t care. When the chips are down—and these days it’s been raining chips—he retreats to a narrow, sulky, petulant partisanship utterly devoid of principle or morality. He’s right because he is Stephen Harper, and because he says so. And all around him (apologies to Osip Mandelstam) his rabble of narrow-necked chiefs warble, or mew, or moan. He alone pushes and prods.

Even the right-wing press gets it by now. Some of Harper’s erstwhile pals in the blogosphere aren’t any too happy either.

Could it be that he thinks he’s being chivalrous? It’s obvious by now to the meanest intelligence that Oda has not been her own person on this—she’s been haplessly covering for the PMO. (When was the infamous “NOT” added? After a short, sharp telephone call from the Langevin Block, I expect.) Well, then, if that’s the case, he should add some honour to his chivalry and tender his own resignation.

As if that would ever happen.

Harper lacks even a scrap of integrity or decency. There’s not a democratic bone in his body. Parliament is at best a distraction, at worst an impediment. He’s in it for himself, and his power over others is all that matters. It’s the closest to one-man rule our country has ever experienced. He makes Jean Chr├ętien (who it must be said paved the way for this nonsense) look like a consensus democrat.

Michael Ignatieff, it’s time to pull the plug. Make the next election a matter of governance and character. Not that you’re any prize yourself, Sir, but it’s time to kick out the jams.

As if that would ever happen.

Mr. Harper-lite may raise his voice, but he won’t lift a finger. The polls are not kind to him, and with reason. He thinks he can tour his way into the hearts of Canadians, without once standing for anything. Harper rules by default.

Ordinary Canadians are once again relegated to the sidelines. A new crisis of accountability is unfolding, but it will get managed out of existence like all the others. And the rot in our political culture will continue to deepen, and spread, and weaken us all.

UPDATE: (February 17) Andrew Coyne pretty much nails it—including his question at the very end.

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