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[NB: For those who have moved well past blog-on-blog contestation, please give this post a miss and wait for the good stuff tomorrow. —DD]

Not too long ago I guess I threw down a gauntlet. I was posting about Kate McMillan’s BFF Glenn Beck, and I stated that my post would just be the beginning of a consistent response to her vapid “Scratch a leftist” hoo-hah. Needless to say, there was more from her today, and it was pointed this way.

Here’s the comment on my “Chutzpah” post that set her off. Let’s get her imaginative addition to the definition of “anti-Semitism” out of the way first.

This comment is not a statement about Jews, let alone a statement of hatred towards Jews. But now, it seems, critics of people who support the current Israeli regime and state policies are to be added to the ever-swelling A-list. (Someone call the CPCCA! Their report is nearly a year late, and they might still be able to make changes.)

Not that Kate, a member of MENSA, believes a word of her post, of course. And not that I permit anti-Semitism here—that stuff gets obliterated on sight, and its authors banned.

But here’s what I believe. Her own site is a safe haven for racists of all stripes, and the occasional violent nutcase. Hence her tender protestations against alleged bigotry ring a tad hollow—to put it mildly.

Kate’s been too clever—most of the time—to state these views openly herself. She would rather have her ventriloquist’s dummies spew them instead. But by publishing their comments, she owns them. I would have thought that she’d been sufficiently schooled on that point by now.

A sample? Just scratch and sniff:

Folks from Quebec. Young Black mothers. What good white folks will have to do if Aboriginals continue to protest. More on that.

I’m just getting started. Here’s a particularly delightful description of our last Governor-General. Here Kate demonstrates her ever-so-humorous mastery of Black dialect. Move over, Uncle Remus! And here’s a little bit of that eliminationism I’ve been going on about.

Lots more here, if you have the stomach for it.

Now, as I noted, Kate usually doesn’t sally forth with these zingers herself, although I’ve linked to one or two of her actual posts above. But I would like at this point to give readers a rare glimpse of Kate completely unmasked—and then re-masked.

Once upon a time, Kate wrote a sympathy piece about some fascist trash in Belgium, called “Free Speech in Europe’s Muslim-Controlled Capital.” I wrote a post about this, pointing out that her poor put-upon Vlaams Belang was a neo-Nazi formation.

You will be hard-put to find Kate’s original post, however. She deep-sixed it—and pointed all web-links to it to a much earlier piece she did wherein she wept a few crocodile tears about my late partner. (More recently, she attempted to repossess them.)

But she should know better than that.The Internet never forgets, and here is the post in question.

What we have here, folks, is a character issue. I’ll say no more, because, frankly, no more need be said. Now, back to our regular programming.

UPDATE:* What do you know. Kate has restored the link.

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