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Ottawa police: the beat goes on

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Yet another case of excessive force, this time against a citizen named Kenneth Alzingre. It seems the Crown has learned a thing or two since its zealous prosecution of assault victim Stacy Bonds, leaving the uniformed thugs on their own, at least for now.

“The Crown is also concerned with the force used in affecting the arrest and obtaining the compliance of the accused. In all of the circumstances it is the view of the Crown that the legal issues would not ultimately be resolved in favour of the prosecution,” said Bocking. “We have concluded there is no reasonable prospect of conviction.”

According to court documents, the officer who Alzingre allegedly obstructed was Const. Shane Henderson.

Henderson and another officer were cleared of using excessive force in the August 2004 arrest of a Montreal man recorded by a Tim Hortons surveillance camera. Danny Gauthier claimed the two officers beat him inside the Montreal Road restaurant, resulting in black eyes, facial swelling, and an elbow injury.

Cleared, need it be said, by the Ottawa police themselves. There was a video then, too, but no charges were pressed against Gauthier—after viewing the tape, the Crown in that case elected not to proceed.

Alzingre was left in pretty bad shape as well:

Kenneth Alzingre’s lawyer, Paul Lewandowski, said his client suffered a black eye, bruises and a back injury during his arrest on Jan. 20, 2009 on charges of refusing to provide a breath sample. He was also charged with obstructing a peace officer and bribery of a peace officer.

Maybe another investigation? I’m trying to keep a straight face here.

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