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A vote for the Liberals is...

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…a vote for Harper!

Don’t split the progressive vote. Stay the course with the New Democrats.

Consider the peas-in-pod Ignatieff Liberals and Harper Conservatives. Can you see a difference? Outside of stylistic flourishes, I can’t see much of one.

Foreign Affairs:

  • Afghanistan. Both support the mission. Both have dilly-dallied and shilly-shallied for a year, keeping Afghan detainee documents from seeing the light of day, after Peter Milliken’s historic ruling on Parliamentary privilege. Having won the debating point, the Ignatieff Liberals chose not to press it.

  • Colombia. The Ignatieff Liberals supported free trade with this genocidal narco-state. Liberal spokesperson Scott Brison derided human rights delegations appearing before the Parliamentary committee debating the issue.

  • Israel. Both parties offer uncritical support of Israel, and have denounced criticism of that country’s policies as “anti-Semitic.”

National Defence:

  • Both parties want a fleet of new jets. The Liberals want theirs with engines.

Social policy:

  • The Ignatieff Liberals voted with the Conservatives to gut pay equity in the Public Service.

  • Liberals and Conservatives supported mandatory minimum prison sentences.

  • The Ignatieff Liberals deliberately arranged for the defeat of a bill (C-300) that would have ensured that Canadian mining companies acted ethically abroad.

  • Asbestos? Today is Monday, so maybe the Liberals oppose exporting this poison to the Third World. Tomorrow, who knows? They voted with the Conservatives, however, to keep funding the Chrysotile Institute, which shills for this toxic material.


  • Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff loves tar sands.

Civil liberties:

  • The Ignatieff Liberals joined with the Cons to slip Bill C-17 through Parliament, a Bill that, in the name of fighting terrorism, makes a joke of Canadian civil liberties. It’s all there—arbitrary detention, self-incrimination, the works. Bet you didn’t even know about it: the Bill was passed quietly during the gun registry debate.

The democratic deficit:

  • Parliamentary supremacy is the very basis of our democracy. But the Ignatieff Liberals, full of sound and fury, still collaborate with the Cons in the clinches—or, in the inimitable words of Kady O’Malley, cav[e] like spineless jellyfish. Recall that Liberal Jean Chrétien was the one who pioneered the massive concentration of power in the Prime Minister’s Office. Harper has, assuredly, taken things much further, but can we trust the Libs to pull back?

  • Senate reform? Making the government more accountable to Parliament? Making Parliament more representative of the Canadian electorate (e.g., through proportional representation)? Do you see a difference? I can’t see a difference. Both parties have shown the same lack of appetite for real change

The only difference between the two corporate parties, if there is one, may be the price:

Why not leave the Liberals in the wilderness, and vote for what you really want instead?

[This has been an unabashedly partisan public message. We now return you to your regular programming. —DD]

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