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Elekshun 2011: Kanadian Kraziness

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Sometimes all you can do is laugh. I know I’m laughing as I write this, but it’s nervous laughter, perhaps even mildly hysterical.

Has anyone ever seen a kampaign like this?

The Prime Minister, mistaking the Kanadian people for the Konservative Kaukus, has imposed iron discipline on the hustings.

The press will be allowed only five questions per day.

Background checks on all who wish to attend his rallies will be conducted by the RCMP. Anyone found to have opinions or connections other than true-blue Konservative will be barred or ejected.

The RCMP is currently headed by William Elliott, a Harper appointee. He personally gave convicted felon Bruce Carson the top-level security clearance required to work in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Now (h/t reader Sir Francis, in the comments) he’s been asked by the man who appointed him to investigate the man he cleared.

The CBC report to which I just linked initially included reference to Elliott’s “anger management” issues. This reference has been pulled.

The media are doing a lot of pulling these days. Kanaries? Koal mine?

The number of staff available to throw under the Big Blue Bus as gaffe follows gaffe is reportedly dwindling. But they don’t appear to be needed at this point. Harper is enjoying a surge in popular support. He may obtain his coveted majority.

Funny. I’ve stopped laughing.

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