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For Conservatives, cover-up is a reflex

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The Military Police Complaints Commission, examining the Afghan detainee issue and hobbled for many, many months by the Harper Government, its Chair removed in 2009 and never replaced, managed to struggle on and is writing its final report. And even now, the Cons are trying to stifle it.

(This is not to be confused with the file of detainee documents that were the subject of Speaker Peter Milliken’s historic ruling a year ago. Thanks to Liberal connivance with the Cons, not a single one of those documents has yet seen the light of day.)

Federal lawyers successfully argued in 2009 that the commission’s investigation should be limited to what military police knew — or should have known — about possible torture of prisoners by Afghan jailers.

The Conservative government went even further last week in two days of hearings and challenged the definition of what military cops could have known.

Justice Department lawyers also accused the commission of stepping “out of its narrow jurisdiction” and investigating Ottawa’s policy of handing over prisoners [to] Afghan authorities — something it was strictly forbidden from doing.

The government wants to exclude the testimony of diplomats and civilians who did not work for the Defence Department. They also want any documents belonging to those officials excluded — including reports that warned of torture or documented the abuse.

Conservatives—they just can’t help themselves.

[H/t National Newswatch]

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