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First, recycled lies about Jack and Olivia in subsidized housing 15 years ago—for which, apparently, we can thank right-wing Liberal crapmeister Giorgio Mammoliti.

But now they’ve been trumped.

The hilarious money quote: “The former cop is surprised it took so long for the incident to become public.”

Scraping the bottom of the barrel? Impossible. For Conservatives, the barrel is obviously bottomless.

UPDATE: Perhaps inevitably, the Liberal Toronto Star has fallen into line. This time the Star doesn’t even have to take responsibility for the “story”—all it has to do is spin it (“a clearly nervous” NDP spokesperson, etc.).

Damage control” my eye. There’s no damage to control—except to the Cons and their shills for pulling this stunt.

UPPERDATE: I may have to eat my words about the Toronto Star. They’re endorsing Jack tomorrow!

UPPESTDATE: Here’s the Star endorsement, backing the ascendant NDP as the best party to counter Harper. Is this an ideological shift, or pragmatic support for a winning progressive horse over a limping swayback?

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