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Layton non-story: cui bono?

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Well, well.

Some of my blogger pals have been tossing around the idea that the Sun nonsense about Layton was planted by a Liberal, not a Con.

I’ve remained sceptical, until just now.

I confess it, I went over to SDA for a rare looky-see. And thanks to the redoubtable Kate, I found what I wasn’t expecting.

The Velvet Touch Massage parlour — where NDP Leader Jack Layton was found during a 1996 police visit — was suspected to be a bawdy house since it opened, Toronto Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti said.

Giorgio Mammoliti? Why does that name keep coming up?

Two days. Two juicy pieces of damaging gossip.

Let me simply note that I’m now a little more open to the suggestion that the Cons should get a pass. (Ouch! It hurt to say that.)

Councillor Mammoliti does appear to think about the prostitution issue quite a bit, not that I’m accusing him of anything, of course.

More on this former NDP anti-SSM MLA, born-again Liberal George-now-Giorgio Mammoliti here.

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