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Ottawa electoral scene: the right stuff

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That would be Ottawa-Centre star NDP candidate Paul Dewar, besting Conservative John Baird in an exchange of views on CTV.

The crowning moment is @7:13. That kind of comfortable spontaneity, if you’re thinking long-term, is what leadership is all about. It even made Baird laugh.

…and the wrong stuff:


The Silver Fox Alliance, representing thousands of Nortel pensioners in the Ottawa area, were told by an Ottawa by-law officer to stop putting up their roadside signs near Nepean-Carleton bad boy Pierre Poilievre’s signs.

The signs have been going up in a couple of Ottawa ridings, urging people ^NOT to vote for the Conservative candidates. Nortel pensioners and workers on long-term disability suffered grievously when the company went bankrupt, and an attempt to lessen their burden was stifled by Harper’s Handpicks™ in the Senate last Fall.

Turns out Pierre had whined about it, and Ottawa City Hall jumped to. The group quickly complained to Elections Canada, however, which overruled the city.

Groups spending more than $500 during an election campaign must register with Elections Canada. The wily pensioners had 108 signs—which cost $499.99.

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