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"Perfectly normal"

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That’s what Stephen Harper calls the bullying of the independent Montreal Port Authority by his annoying flack Dimitri Soudas.

Time to check out other instances of Harper’s “perfectly normal.” Here are a few that spring immediately to mind:

  • Contempt of Parliament. In plain language, telling our elected representatives to take a hike—by sending them packing twice, refusing to provide them with documents and records on request, and altering documents and lying about it.

  • Senate supremacy. Using personally selected appointees to the Senate to veto legislation passed by the elected House of Commons.

  • National insecurity. Installing an ex-con in the Prime Minister’s Office, with access to highly confidential documents.

  • Vote suppression. Illegally attempting to seize a ballot box at the University of Guelph, and attempting to have student votes declared invalid.

  • War on youth voters. Too many instances of kids barred from or thrown out of Harper Rallies™ to count at this point. RCMP used as Conservative Party bouncers.

  • Hiding from electors. Con candidates refusing to participate in all-candidates meetings and avoiding the media.

Political psychopathy—the new normal. Vote for abnormal candidates on May 2.

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