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Senator Pamela Wallin loses a marble

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On yesterday’s Power Politics podcast, a sign that at least one Harper Senatorâ„¢ has been spiking her own Kool-Aid.

@8:16 on: Wallin claims that the CBC is giving disproportionate coverage to Michael Ignatieff because the network is afraid that its funding will be cut. (She later maintains that she has no proof, but sticks to the allegation anyway.)

Step back and think about this. Just for a moment.

If Wallin’s boy Stephen is headed for a victory, as she maintains, why would the CBC be trying to shore up its funding by giving aid and comfort to—Michael Ignatieff?

The man who, she says in virtually the same breath, “isn’t moving the dial?”

I leave this for others to figure out. Perhaps I’m missing something.

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